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  • 1.  Delay Sources on the Acutiy Ultrix

    Posted 03-11-2024 16:54


    I'm using an Acuity Ultrix and I need to delay 3 sources by 7-10 frames.

    I can do it on the Carbonite we have but can't seem to do it on the Acuity.

    Anyone able to do this.



    Ken McAndrews
    Production Automation Director

  • 2.  RE: Delay Sources on the Acutiy Ultrix

    Posted 03-22-2024 09:45

    Hi Ken,

    You are correct, Acuity within Ultrix Acuity does not have the ability to delay inputs but Carbonite does - whether as a standalone Carbonite Ultra or Carbonite Ultra 60 or as Carbonite within Ultrix Carbonite. Indeed some people who have Ultrix Acuity, install an additional SDPE board and load it with Carbonite software. This means, in the same frame, you have Ultrix Acuity and Ultrix Carbonite. The useful thing is that Carbonite board exists as a  video switcher independent of Acuity. Users who have this configuration find that they are then able to make use of the 'toolbox' functionality of Carbonite to supplement Acuity functionality. As well as this, it also introduces a totally independent Carbonite into the system which is useful on some Productions.

    Raphael Samad
    Business Development Manager
    Production Switchers/Video Servers
    Ross Video