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  • 1.  Graphite - Tessera configuration

    Posted 03-07-2024 12:03

    I'm having some trouble getting my XPression outputs sized correctly, and I think I tracked it down to the Tessera Region Mapping settings. My Graphite is set to 720p/59, so I made a single source region that's 1280x720, then mapped it to a single destination that's also built as 1280x720 but when I look at my XPression monitors both in the thumbnail and preview windows as well as on the Graphite's multiviewer I'm way oversized. Anyone have any ideas to get these outputs sized correctly? #Graphite

    John Folsom
    Broadcast Engineer
    Clemson University

  • 2.  RE: Graphite - Tessera configuration

    Posted 03-29-2024 15:18

    Hi John,

    Sorry for a lack of response.  It seems like we are not getting notifications of new topics sent to us through the system.

    Even though your using Graphite this is really a better topic to bring up in the XPression Section.  Graphite is just a frame buffer in this case and the XPression team will be better suited to respond.  I don't think I can "move the post" so you will probably need to copy and paste the question over to that section.

    Les O'Reilly
    Director - Switcher Product Management