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  • 1.  Rosstalk GPI MC1 SqueezeBack

    Posted 20 days ago


    We are using MC1 Switcher for our MCR operations. To execute a squeezeback effect for graphics such as L-shape bloomberg, we currently perform transitions manually using the MC1-Panel. Subsequently, we run Xpression graphics through the customized Ross Dashboard panel using rosstalk's seqi and seqo commands. Is there a method available to simultaneously send the squeezeback effect using rosstalk gpi from our custom panel?


    Fahad Shahzad
    Senior Manager Broadcast

  • 2.  RE: Rosstalk GPI MC1 SqueezeBack

    Ross Staff
    Posted 20 days ago

    MC1 documentation can be found here:

    MC1 RossTalk documentation: MC1 RossTalk Setup

    That document covers how to setup RossTalk on the MC1 and what RossTalk commands it supports. 

    I am not very familiar with the squeezeback configuration in MC1, but I know that the RossTalk 'vgpistate vgpi:state' command is used to trigger squeezeback effects with RossTalk commands on the MC1. I think there is a virtual gpi configuration menu in the MC1 where you assign effects to VGPIs. 

    For example (assume VGPI #1) 

      • vgpistate 1:1 will enable the Squeeze
      • vgpistate 1:0 will disable the Squeeze

    So you need to:

    • enable RossTalk on the MC1
    • Configure the VGPI on the MC1 to trigger the Squeeze effect
    • Add the vgpistate RossTalk command to buttons in your custom Dashboard panel 

    So now your Dashboard buttons will trigger the MC1 squeeze. 

    Another thing you may want to consider is having the XPression graphics trigger the MC1 squezeback effect. Some customer do this so they only have to trigger the XPression graphics, and XPression sends the RossTalk commands to the MC1 to trigger the squeezeback effect. 

    In XPression:

    XPression > Edit > Hardware Setup > GPI > Add > RossTalk > Outgoing Network Settings

    in the outgoing network settings you put the IP address of the MC1. 

    To add a RossTalk trigger to the scene director timeline of your l-bar graphic: 

    XPression > Scene > Scene Direcdtor > Track > Add Clip > Event > RossTalk

    Now you can place the RossTalk event for the MC1 squeeze anywhere you want on the timeline. So you can align the graphic animation with the MC1 squeeze effect.