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  • 1.  Silly Custom Control Trick; TouchDrive 2

    Posted 03-27-2024 20:30
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    I found putting the second row of buttons into the MiniME I wanted a bit button intensive. So I build Custom Controls. 

    I split the ME PP row so that I see Custom Controls. Down deep in Custom Control bank 8, where I never go, I build four Custom Controls that set the second row into a specific ME/MiniME, and then also put it on Preset. I then when into Personality/User Select and put those four Custom Controls in User Buttons buttons, making those buttons Custom Control recalls. Then I replaced the button cap so that it's labeled appropriately.

    Then, just for fun, I worked around not having enough sources in the Multiview by also having that Custom Control change the source in a specific multiview source. 

    So, with one button, it puts, say, MiniME2, in the upper row of buttons, puts it on Preset and puts it in the monitor wall. Just one button. All steps are just four buttons total. 

    I love how Custom Controls can manipulate system settings like this. 

    [Danny] [Skarka] Ross Pilot since Synergy
    [Producer, Director, Technical Director]
    San Francisco United States

  • 2.  RE: Silly Custom Control Trick; TouchDrive 2

    Posted 03-29-2024 12:58

    Cool Use of the "User" buttons to build out what you like :)

    Les O'Reilly
    Director - Switcher Product Management