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  • 1.  Visual Logic Datalinq for Candidate Pictures

    Posted 10-29-2023 05:35

    I am working on building election fullscreen graphics using Datalinq from an XML source. This XML source sorts the candidates by highest number of votes. I am trying to use Visual Logic in Xpression to change the visibility of each candidate picture.

    For example, if Candidate 1 on the XML is Joe Smith and he starts with the highest number of votes, I want Joe Smith's picture to appear. If Candidate 1 on the XML changes to John Jones because an update gives him more votes, I want John Jone's picture to appear. I have tried different combinations in Visual Logic so far, but I have had no luck. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Robert Perry
    Senior Newscast Director

  • 2.  RE: Visual Logic Datalinq for Candidate Pictures

    Ross Staff
    Posted 10-30-2023 10:04


    In your scenario above, you'd need a separate quad for both candidates in each place. In that case, your visual logic could look something like this for the 1st place headshot:

    There are also other ways to accomplish this with less objects using Input Selectors, or without visual logic at all using Dynamic Materials (10.0 or higher). It depends on the number of races you have and the number of candidates for each race what will be the easiest.

    Jeff Mayer
    Ross Video