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  • 1.  Question and remark about Visual Logic

    Posted 03-19-2017 14:58
    Hello all,

    I've recentely had to do a huge project with XPression which caused me quite a bit of headache because of dot-comma conversions to be able to display the correct format for the graphics.

    In this project we had to use a lot of Visual Logic and calculations for these graphics to show up correctly and we've had some issues with that.

    For this reason I have one question and a MAJOR request.

    Can you confirm that Visual Logic only uses the American system of decimal separators (in effect the dot) and there is no way to change this?
    We've tried overriding User Locale in the preferences and we've tried enabling the Digit Substitution but no luck what so ever.

    But trying to set two values in two textboxes and add them together to show the result in a third one in the format #.###,## adds a lot of hassle in Visual Logic and still doesn't produce the desired result because there's no way to get the thousand-separator right without the use of some external script...

    Whenever we have to build big Visual Logic schemes with a lot of scene-objects involved and a lot of repetitive tasks, it does take a lot of time to build these.
    Copying and pasting works fine but the values do not increment like they do when you copy an animation controller which is a big lack of functionality in my eyes. You can drag and drop other sceneobjects onto the blocks but if you have a lot of objects that's a very tedious task. So an increment similar to the animation controllers is a much needed function.

    Thank you,

  • 2.  RE: Question and remark about Visual Logic

    Posted 03-21-2017 11:35
    A new "formatblock" is currently in beta versions, so things like "#.###,##" will work in future release.

  • 3.  RE: Question and remark about Visual Logic

    Posted 03-27-2017 13:05
    Thank you Vinz for your reply.
    I'm looking forward to that release.

    Another thing I encountered and which is pretty annoying is the lack of a way to copy SceneDirectors. Sometimes you just want to copy a scenedirector to build an alternative animation which is slightly different from the original one.
    It can be quite a pain to start building a new one from scratch, even if you can reuse most of the animation controllers.