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Welcome to Ross Video Community 

A Community for Live Production
It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Ross Video Community – a community platform for professionals working in live production. From the broadcast studio to the sports stadium, university campus and house of worship via the concert venue and legislative assembly, we’re all here to learn, share ideas, solve problems and produce the most compelling content we can! - David Ross, CEO, Ross Video


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  • Sunday

    2024 IDEA Conference

    Jul 14 - 17, (CT)
    IDEA is a not-for-profit professional association for organizations in the Event Presentation industry that is governed by an elected Executive Board with day-to-day operations conducted by office staff. Once a year, IDEA holds an industry-wide conference that deals with topics of relevance to its members. The annual conference is divided into general sessions, seminars, job-specific breakouts, user groups, and sports-specific breakout groups, enabling IDEA to respond to the specific needs of individual interest groups. Guest speakers are also invited to address the conference in their areas of expertise. Through its various sessions, excursions, and Partner Expo, Annual IDEA Conference provides an ideal vehicle for networking with those in the Event Presentation industry.

  • Wednesday

    TAB Show 2024

    Aug 7 - 8, (CT)
    We are looking forward to seeing you at TAB Show 2024. Join us at the largest Broadcast Association convention in Texas for two days of interactive workshops and hands-on product demos revealing our latest broadcast innovations! With the code ROS2024 you can register for free until July 16th.

  • Monday

    SET EXPO 2024

    Aug 19 - 22, (BRT)
    Our regional team in Brazil is excited to welcome you to booth 10 at SET Expo 2024. The three-day tradeshow offers us the opportunity to discuss the challenges we face and explore collaborative solutions for a more prosperous and sustainable future in the Brazilian Media and Entertainment market.