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  • 1.  Blending modes in XPression

    Posted 09-14-2018 05:54
    Hello all,

    I have to build a scene in XPression and I've hit a bump while trying to use Blending Modes.

    I have a bunch of slabs which will hold the name of a country. I need to highlight some countries so to do that I have added another slab which will serve as the highlight in a yellow color.
    For now I have put the yellow highlight-slab on top of the base white slab and using VL I'm changing the width of the highlight-slab to highlight the country. That is working fine, no issues there.

    The issue however is, that I need to change the color of the text as the highlight-slab passes underneath the text.
    So in the normal mode with the white base-slab, the textcolor is black but when the country gets highlighted, the textcolor needs to change to white. In addition to changing the color of the text, the text also needs to grow a bit...

    I've been trying to use blending modes to achieve what I'm after but without any success...

    Attached you'll see a (Photoshopped) picture of what I'm trying to achieve.

    So my two questions are:
    "¢ does anybody know how I could tackle this issue?
    "¢ is there *ANY* documentation out there in the wide world that explains the blending modes in detail? Because it seems nobody actually knows how these blending modes work or how to explain it properly.

    If it suits the solution, I can either have the yellow slab appear on top of the white slab, or do it the other way around and have the white slab on top of the yellow slab and make the white slab disappear to reveal the highlighted slab. I don't mind either way.

    However, I would like to try and avoid having to use two textobjects in two different layer objects to hide and reveal the white and black text...


  • 2.  RE: Blending modes in XPression

    Posted 09-15-2018 04:46
    The easiest way to do this is to copy the text object onto your highlight group. Change the font material to be white and use a mask to differentiate between your highlight and your normal group. Just be sure that you use VL to make sure both text objects are the same, i.e. normal text feeds into highlight text