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  • 1.  Ticker Datalinq Issues

    Posted 10-03-2018 22:41
    Hello all,

    I'm currently working on a ticker to display a list of headlines on air.
    The content is coming from a MS SQL-server which I'm accessing through Datalinq but I have an issue when the content gets updated.

    Whenever a change is made, the ticker jumps to another message in the list. So it would go from message #2 to message #5. It only does it once when the update is made and then continues to roll chronologically. In theory that's not a big issue except if it means it could show the same message twice in a row.

    Is there any way to prevent this?


  • 2.  RE: Ticker Datalinq Issues

    Posted 10-11-2018 18:55
    Is this using a SceneGroup?
    Do you live update enabled on your datalinq'd text objects?