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  • 1.  Carbonite Ultra dropouts

    Posted 17 days ago

    Hey Les,

    we've got an issue with a Carbonite Ultra:

    It looks like it is loosing sync for a second. This happens randomly like every 15 hours.

    When it occurs all connected screens etc. loose sync and have to resync. They come back within a few seconds but of course this also affects LED-Walls, projectors, recording etc.. Also the Media Stores automatically start to reload. We assume that it might be related to external syncing. Until now we have never experienced it when synced internally. But since it happens very rarely it's hard to tell. We changed the sync generator from Rosendahl to Telestream but still the same behavior. Also we can not tell if it is connected to one specific Carbonite or if it appears on multiple devices. Any ideas?

    BR, Philip

    Philip Strauss
    Mainz Germany

  • 2.  RE: Carbonite Ultra dropouts

    Ross Staff
    Posted 16 days ago

    Hi Philip,

    Jumping in as Les is at IBC...

    I would write to and provide them with the following information.

    • Firmware version of your Carbonite Ultra.
    • Video mode that you are running in.
    • Logs of the switcher (with the time that the resync occurs, and check that the Carbonite Ultra's system time is correct).

    Business Development Manager - Production Switchers & Servers
    Ross Video