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Display XML or Datalinq in Dashboard

  • 1.  Display XML or Datalinq in Dashboard

    Posted 03-15-2024 17:12

    I am looking to create an updated dashboard for my stats operator for the upcoming season and need a little help. My goal here is to display in the dashboard the statistics for the top players in each category. For example it would show the top 5 receivers of the game and their stats for different categories (targets, receptions, yards, ect.) I have set it up to where I have toggle buttons that will be above each category and when toggled on those will be the stats that are input into the stats scene. I receive the stats from GSIS as an XML and the stats run through our Datalinq server. Is there a way for me to pull the stats from the XML or Datalinq and input into textboxes in dashboard so my operator can see them there and not need another screen to show the stats online?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Grayson Counts
    Phoenix United States