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Get remaining time from XP Studio to XP Tessera

  • 1.  Get remaining time from XP Studio to XP Tessera

    Posted 08-22-2023 04:25


    In our studio, we have a 360° wall who is managed by our « XP Wall » (xPression Tessera). 

    We have also another computer called « XP CG » (xPression Studio)  to play our graphics and our videos through 2 "Server Channel".

    Our goal is to bring the remaining time in this Server Channel on XP CG to our XP Wall. 

    So we will be able to show to our anchors how much time they have until the end of the video. 

    To test the connection between the 2 XP, I already brought the remaining time in a Dashboard on XP Wall using the Timecode I/O in XP CG. Then, on the XP Wall's Dashboard I used the "Widget Countdown V1.0" and it worked fine.

    Unfortunately, I can't bring this remaining data in the "datalinq" to be used in a scene in our XP Wall. I also tried to put the remaining time on the Dashboard's widget in a text field to get that in a scene of XP Wall but it doesn't worked.

    Is there a possibility to get this remaining time and use this data in a scene?

    Thank you and have a really nice day!

    Remo DT