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  • 1.  Limiting Bounding Box for text elements?

    Posted 16 days ago

    Is there a way to limit the bounding box height on text elements so that word wrap creates a 2nd line of text but limits to that so that the auto squeeze picks up from there?

    My guess might be a solution in the visual logic end of things, but I'm starting to get my toes wet in that area.


    Ryan Burgess
    Production Manager
    WFXR - Nexstar

  • 2.  RE: Limiting Bounding Box for text elements?

    Posted 14 days ago

    Hi Ryan!

    The autosqueeze and word wrap features will fight against each other (Same problem, different solutions: Text too long, what do?!).

    That said, your inclination is right! This is something I'd tackle with Visual Logic. I've given it an attempt, try it out yourself and see if you like it, or even see if you can change it to work better!

    I have 3 text objects, a hidden (in the final version) that is published so that people can type into that, a 2nd object that handles the word wrapping with adjustable word-wrappiness tied to half of the length of our source text object, and finally a display text object that takes the word wrapped text, but then also gets scaled down x-wise based on how much the word wrap exceeds the 2-line parameters. It seemed to work better giving a bit of an offset from the minimum word wrap value, and I'm sure that could be adjusted.

    Zachary Fradette
    United States