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Listener to a Parameter Value

  • 1.  Listener to a Parameter Value

    Posted 10 days ago

    I am currently building a Floor Director Grid for my SVR countdowns based off my Rundown Control Timers.  Everything is working fine but I want to be able to change my "listener" to listen to a parameter value.  

    The workflow looks like this.

    Custom from Caprica that triggers my parameter 'ovdserver' to toggle between my Primary OVD and my Redundant OVD, then the value of my param be the "listener" for my panel.  I have everything working except changing my "listener" to get it's value from the parameter 'ovdserver.'

    I have tried changing my 'lookup' but to no avail. 


    Below is my Lookup and Listener scripting.

          <lookup id="hosts">
             <entry key="Localhost.port">8760</entry>
             <entry key="Localhost.host">localhost</entry>
          <entry key="ovdserver.port">8760</entry>
             <entry key="ovdserver.host"></entry>
             <entry key="ovdserver2.port">8760</entry>
             <entry key="ovdserver2.host"></entry>
          <listener autostart="true" connecthost="%const['hosts']['ovdserver.host']%" connectport="%const['hosts']['ovdserver.port']%" delimitertype="newline">
             <task tasktype="ogscript">if (event.isConnectEvent())

    Tim Carista
    Sr. Production Manager