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Live from NAB 2024: Inception v17 + Mobile App 2.1

  • 1.  Live from NAB 2024: Inception v17 + Mobile App 2.1

    Posted 04-16-2024 17:42

    Inception v17 

    Inception v17 becomes even more powerful with the new side-by-side revision editor and the all-new XPression DataLinq™ integration, allowing you real-time access to on-air information like scoreboards, weather, game timers and more, giving you unprecedented accuracy, relevance, and timing on breaking news.

    📄📄 Side-by-side revisions

    • Allows for collaborative work in busy newsrooms.

    • Keeps track of changes and versions. 

    • Shows two versions side-by-side.

    • Highlights differences in red/green.


    ⛓️ XPression DataLinq integration

    • Access real-time data about the story being produced.

    • Visualize XPression data like game clocks, scoreboards, weather, traffic, and more.

    • React in real-time as the story evolves.

    Mobile App 2.1

    Clean and consistent execution can make or break your show.

    With up to hundreds of lines or stories in the Rundown, it is paramount to be able to see its progress, current timing and context for that perfect delivery.

    Inception Mobile 2.1 brings the much-anticipated Rundowns view and a new landscape mode, giving you real-time visibility and valuable information about how your piece fits in the current show so you can stay on top of changes, updates and running times to be ready to deliver perfect results every time, from anywhere.

    If you're here, come see it in action. We're diving deep into what makes Inception a game-changer in newsroom video production technology.

    Watch the keynote with me:


    Thomaz Figueiredo
    Marketing Manager, Products
    Ross Video