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Live from NAB 2024: OverDrive and New CX Panel

  • 1.  Live from NAB 2024: OverDrive and New CX Panel

    Ross Staff
    Posted 04-17-2024 21:31

    CX Panels

    CX Panels and SideBox Modules are control panels for those who prefer a dedicated control surface. These work with OverDrive's touchscreen interface, keyboard, and mouse, allowing the operator to interact with the system in multiple ways.

    The CX Directors Panel is the evolution of the Sidebox line, featuring a new form factor and new capabilities, and represents a new beginning in Operational capability.
    It is designed for increased durability and is built for the abuse of a busy control room.

    CX Panels allow for tactile, precise and focused control with plenty of customization options via OLED buttons and multiple pages.
    The new generation offers ride-through faders and a very robust design with fewer connections. It is easy to implement, has a streamlined configuration at the panel, does not require software licensing, and can be used alongside existing SideBoxes.

    OverDrive 22.3

    The industry standard in Automated Production Control just got better with QuickShot production cues, which automate the insertion of production cues straight from the story script, and a new downsized database that enables easier on-the-fly changes and increases performance.

    Watch the keynote with me:


    Thomaz Figueiredo
    Marketing Manager, Products
    Ross Video