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Live from NAB 2024: Streamline Web Editor

  • 1.  Live from NAB 2024: Streamline Web Editor

    Posted 04-16-2024 17:21

    Streamline v12

    Coming this summer, the world-class power, speed and flexibility of Streamline MAM will offer a new web-based video editor accessible on any connected device. In the fast-paced world of broadcast and news, teams can immediately access tools and content previously exclusive to the studio, driving advanced collaboration and increased efficiency.

    There is no need for a powerful workstation, multiple licenses and software installations, lengthy training or downtime for updates. Online integrations are seamless and don't require extra plugins. Streamline is inherently scalable and future-proof, providing excellent value with flexible licensing options.

    If you're here, come see it in action. We're diving deep into what makes Streamline a game-changer in video production technology.

    Watch the keynote with me:


    Thomaz Figueiredo
    Marketing Manager, Products
    Ross Video