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  • 1.  Minimum System Requirements for Xpression 10.5

    Posted 03-12-2024 12:05

    Hi, I've been scouring the internet to try and determine what the minimum system requirements for Xpression 10.5 are and I'm coming up empty. I'm running a computer with an intel core i7-6900k @ 3.2GHz with 8Gb RAM on Windows 10. It's currently running Xpression version 8.5 build 4621. Does anyone here have a sense of if this machine will be able to run the newer version? We are looking to upgrade to 10.5 specifically to be able to share projects with our sister station in another city. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    Kyle Sorenson

  • 2.  RE: Minimum System Requirements for Xpression 10.5

    Ross Staff
    Posted 03-12-2024 14:46

    Your system will run XPression v10.5 just the same as it runs v8.5. 

    Minimum requirements can be quite low: 

    1. Intel CPU with 4+ cores at 2Hz+ 
    2. NVIDIA GPU with 4GB+ of memory
    3. 4GB+ of RAM
    4. 10GB+ of storage
    5. Windows 10

    Anything above that just makes it better. I would spend my money on CPU over everything else. 16-32G of RAM is fine, don't bother going above that. 
    I would not bother getting a GPU with more than 8-12GB of memory.