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  • 1.  Moving text by pixel instead of space bar

    Posted 03-06-2024 15:20

    Hi all!

    Is there a way to move a word/text line etc by pixel instead of using space bar?

    I don't have access to an Xpression keyboard at the moment so I'm thinking I need that.

    Also I need some help creating a credits crawl right to left.

    I can do one line but the issue I have is the top line is the job title and the line underneath is the name of the person.


    Operator          Persons 2                            Person 3

    Mark                Person 2 and Person 3        Person 3

    I'm having 2 issues. The names are not always the same length. I have tried using different text objects for each job title but how do I make the job after appear in the right place?

    Thanks if anyone can help!

    Mark Isbell

  • 2.  RE: Moving text by pixel instead of space bar

    Ross Staff
    Posted 03-06-2024 16:15

    You go into layout to move things pixel by pixel when designing normally?  

    Normally on the sequence side, you are just entering data and a correctly built template aligns itself as required automatically. 

    However if this is a requirement just publish the other fields you need to be able to control such as x and y positions and they will show up in sequence. 

    Simon Redmile
    Senior Graphic Programmer & Designer
    Ross Video
    Bristol United Kingdom