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  • 1.  non-ascii characters in datalinq

    Posted 03-01-2024 09:28

    I have a project using ADODB Datalinq sources, where the provider is Microsoft. ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and the datasource is an Excel .xlsx spreadsheet. Each row in the spreadsheet is used to populate the fields of graphics that are then dynamically formatted using VBA script. Typically we copy and paste into the Excel spreadsheet.

    We've been using this project without issue for years, and recently I've run into an issue where certain seem to "break" xpression. After the graphic is put into preview the case of all other graphics is jumbled somewhat randomly. At this point Xpression must be restarted, the problem row has to be cleared and entered manually, and then the graphic works fine.

    I've tried to figure out exactly what's causing the issue and I think it is related to non-ascii characters possibly breaking my script. So far I have found graphics with xE2, x80, LF, and CR characters that cause issues. I've tried deleting them and then copy and pasting into the document - making sure to past values only. This works some of the time, but sometimes the only thing that works is clearing the field and typing the text in manually.

    Any insight into what might be happening would helpful. I'd also appreciate help on simple ways to ensure that non-ascii/special characters do not make it into my database or a way to sanitize them out of my script. Thank you!

    Nathan S.

  • 2.  RE: non-ascii characters in datalinq

    Posted 03-07-2024 16:52

    Maybe only a partial solution but on the Excel side of things using CTRL-SHIFT-V will paste text only and leave out some of the troublesome formatting data that may have also copied from the source document.  If using menu/right-click use Paste Special rather than Paste.