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  • 1.  Pause video in xpression

    Posted 30 days ago

    I have a video clip that highlights a player to watch for basketball. It is only 10 seconds. My announcers usually talk about the player for about 15-20 seconds. I want be able to put a pause on it around a second before it ends. Then just play again and it goes of the screen. I want to continue to play it back in Xpressions because it looks so clean.

    i do not have clip -layout plug in so that is not an option. I am hoping I can do it somehow in scene director or something.

    chad Edwards

  • 2.  RE: Pause video in xpression

    Posted 23 days ago

    There's several ways to to this.

    1. Add the video to the scene director with a pause event, you can choose whether the video then plays out or reverses direction.
    2. You can play the video and add an event object to the scene director to continuously loop over the video. Animate it out with another scene director and set it as the out animation in the scene transition logic.
    3. Separate the video into multiple files; in, loop, out and add them to the timeline. You can set the visibility of the loop and play it with a script event or scene director trigger.

    Tim Lundberg
    Cologne, Germany