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Question About Sorting SQL in DataLinq

  • 1.  Question About Sorting SQL in DataLinq

    Posted 01-30-2024 11:43

    Hi all--I've a quick question regarding an issue I'm running into with DataLinq.

    I've got an SQL database I'm connecting to on our local network which holds election results.  Amongst the columns is one called "CombinedLocationRaceName", which combines the text from two other columns ("LocationName" and "RaceName") into a single string for producers to select.

    The problem I'm running into is that DataLinq refuses to sort on that column.  If I set the DataLinq config window to sort ASC on "CombinedLocationRaceName", no sorting occurs; the data appear in whatever order they come in.  If I change the sort field to "LocationName", it sorts alphabetically the way I want it.  I've tried this on many of the columns in the table; DataLinq seems to be sorting perfectly fine on any of the other columns, just not this one.

    While this does more or less fix my problem, I'm wondering what happens in the future if I have something similar where I can't find a nice little workaround for this. 

    Anyone have any thoughts as to why it won't sort on one column but does on another?  Is there maybe a limitation on string lengths where if it's too long, it won't sort?  We're on XPression v11.5 build 5812. 


    Ben Scripps
    Assistant Operations Manager
    WWTV Cadillac MI