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  • 1.  View Control malfunction

    Posted 02-19-2024 20:48

    Hey folks,

    I'm new to the community. Recently started working at a venue that uses Ross Carbonite dashboard and during one of the events the Viewcontrol touchscreen was unresponsive for a few minutes. It is a PC, so we quickly tapped into the Task Manager (Dashboard was using up to 100% of the CPU) and shut down Dashboard and opened it again, which temporarily worked out fine. Couldn't figure out what prompted the bug, though.

    Has anyone had this issue before? Any comments? 

    Thanks in advance.

    Geraldo Rodrigues
    Events Technician

  • 2.  RE: View Control malfunction

    Posted 02-20-2024 09:09

    Hi Geraldo,

    Welcome to the community! I am sorry to hear about the unresponsive viewcontrol touchscreen. While this is not normal behavior, can you please provide more information about what tabs were open along with the one you were using(in the main view and around all of the sides)? Also, Since this investigation would require lots of exchange of information and troubleshooting, I believe reaching out to Ross Technical Support would be a good option. I suggest that you reach out to them by creating a support ticket using this link

    Best Regards,

    Altaz Daruwala
    Ross Video