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  • 1.  XML parsing

    Posted 03-24-2024 22:45

    I posted this question last week in the XPression and Graphics groups, but have not received any responses, so I'm adding it here in hopes that someone might have an easy solution for me.

    I am looking to take the data from this XML feed (screenshot below) and organize it into a table, where each Game ID gets its own column.  Ultimately, I want our sports team to be able to pick a game for an XPression graphic and have DataLinq populate everything based on the Game ID.  I've got a dashboard instance running that I can use if needed, but I'm not sure where to start for this.  Thanks for any help!!

    Aaron Rice

  • 2.  RE: XML parsing

    Posted 03-28-2024 11:55

    Link of the thread where the question is answered for visibility: https://rossvideo.community/discussion/datalinq-data-formatting-1#bm60ac66a5-1d6b-4f3e-8be0-2a91294d410f

    Altaz Daruwala
    Ross Video