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Xpression Datalinq Video Material, Take Scene offline at end

  • 1.  Xpression Datalinq Video Material, Take Scene offline at end

    Posted 01-29-2024 13:14


    I am trying to have a button in Dashboard that will trigger a random animation in XPression. My solution was to have Dashboard look at the video files that I would have in a specific folder and then randomly send one of the filepaths to XPression. This was working great the other day when I built it, but today the random animation just loops endlessly and stays online. 

    I think perhaps the difference is the other day when I built it I first had a static material assigned with one of the animations, set to play once and take offline at end... before switching it to a datalinq material as I built up the Dashboard code. So today when I re-opened the project, perhaps since it was a datalinq material from the start it doesn't take offline.

    I could build a take offline into the scene director, but the random animations may not always be the same length. So I guess my question would be is it possible to have a datalinq video material play once and take scene offline at end?

    I already do have a work-around involved but it involves having to create a scene for each random animation, having to add scenes as we add animations, instead of just dropping new animations into the folder. Would be much more elegant to have just the one scene... but I understand if I just have to do it the multiple scenes way.

    Jake Lew
    Access Communications Co-Operative Limited